About 90% of the interviewees have heard about the prostitution activity before working in it. The sources of hearing about this activity are the internet network 50%, school and university 20%, friends and hairdressers 10% for each of them, marriage bureaus and massage bars by 5% each successively.

As for the means of joining work in this activity are successively job advertisements, job applications or artist offers by 40%, advice of friends working in the field whose conditions remarkably improved by 25%, temptation by 20% and finally 5% of them joined prostitution because of reasons related to raping, compulsion and deception.

Table 2: Results Analysis of the Interviewees’ Sample (Prostitutes) in Egypt
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As for reasons behind the interviewees’ work in the prostitution activity are getting money 35%, spending on family expenses 25%, loose of family 15%, unemployment and drugs spending 10% each, and finally watching the pornography movies 5%.The results of the investigated interviewees sample indicate that 40% of their friends are working in the same field since more than ten years. This matter is reflected on their economic conditions. The results indicate that 100% of the interviewees do not have any other income source rather than this activity. About 80% of the family members do not know about the nature of their work at all, while 20% of their mothers, brothers and husbands know about their work. Mothers conceal the matter ensure spending on the family and provide their medical treatment that require high income sources. Meanwhile brother conceal the matter for getting financial sums to spend on the family because of long period of unemployment.

The sample results indicate the disapproval of most interviewees by 85% to have an act for the activity, while 15% agrees to legalize the prostitution activity. The justifications of the act-opponents are that Egypt is a Muslim state that does not allow such an act, besides the act will have certain measures and conditions and tax payment which restrict the work nature and limit the personal freedom.

The results indicate that 65 % of the interviewees do not take any kind of drugs but some cigarettes in certain times to attract customers. Meanwhile 35% of them believe that taking drugs and smoking are essential elements of their work in that activity even though they do not have the ability to continue and communicate with the customers.The sample indicates that 80% of them are working for the benefit of others through pimps to send them to the customers in different places and wait for them till they complete their tasks. However, 20% of them are working for their own benefit through attracting customers from certain usual places where their active has become known there. Twenty five percent of them acknowledge that they have sex with high officials in the state to protect them against arrest and facilitate their daily tasks and their family affairs. Seventy five percent of them do not prefer that because of being afraid of being chased when disobeying their demands as they do not pay anything except misusing their power; they are namely police officers, prosecutors, districts heads and others. As for the daily income of the interviewees from that activity, 50% of them obtain the average between L.E. 500-1000, about 35% of them have les than L.E. 500, 15% of them have more than L.E. 1000 per day. The number of customers per day ranges between one to three customers for 85% of them, while 15% of them have sex with four customers.

The sample results indicate that nationalities from the Gulf states, particularly Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Libya as well are the most nationalities with the interviewees have sexual relationships by 100% for high prices that may be valued three folds of those paid by the Egyptians. Hundred percent of the interviewees indicate that they do not have any offer from the Egyptian government to work in intelligent tasks whether inside or outside Egypt. In addition, 100% of the interviewees do not have work permits or documents to work in this activity as they work in a confidential manner away from the vice squad investigation department. Sixty five percent of the interviewees indicate that they suffer from prostitution activity related diseases, namely strong exhaustion and repeated abortion.

The sample results indicate as well that 15% of the interviewees are previously accused of in vice causes while 5% of them were imprisoned because of prostitution accusation. It is one case that was fabricated by a police officer as she refused to satisfy his repeated desire without paying her. The results indicate that 10% of the interviewees suffered abortion because of undesired pregnancy whether through their wish or the work place and in the case of her refusal she is threatened by retrenchment from her work or financial pursue through unstated payment sums cheques signed by them to continue working. The results indicate that 100% of the interviewees pay sex bribes to continue working and not to be arrested by the police. In the case of their disobedience, they will be continually chased and brought to justice with different fabricated accusations. As for stop working as prostitutes 70% of them declare their interest provided they have money and work in order not to return once again to hat career, while 30% of them do not think of stop working as prostitutes to avoid returning to poverty once again. As for their feelings after getting involved in this career, the sample results show 25% of them have psychological depression, and non-official marriage. However, 10% of them have regret and self-discontent and family abandonment and scandals. Ten percent of them have great health problems and finally 5% of them think of committing suicide as they have lost everything in their life. As for approval of getting married to an Arab tourist, 80% of them agree to that marriage for short period as an introduction and umbrella for stop working as prostitutes in the future in return of having money, high dowry and presents by 85% and 10% successively. Meanwhile, 5% of them wish to have job opportunity outside Egypt for one of her family members. The interviewees indicate that the tourist marriage offered to them by different nationalities from Saudis in the first place 60%, followed by the Kuwaitis 25%, then by those from the UAE and Libya and other countries by 5% each.