The research results indicate that Egypt like other world countries is not isolated from the increased phenomenon of human trafficking (tourist marriage of women, prostitution and sex exploitation). The research indicates the following results:

• The lack of economic and social strategy capable of solving the women dilemma in Egypt.
• Absence of adequate protection of escaping from the human smuggling networks for the purpose of prostitution.
• Lack of effective and decisive legal system facing the human trafficking and prostitution.
• The tourist marriage in Egypt is based on a one of the compulsion forms that resulted from different factors including poverty of families, fathers’ power and dominance over their daughters, feeling of deprivation in line of the aspects of richness and money temptation, delinquency culture on that type of marriage.

• The most important nationalities wish to have tourist marriage to Egyptian young women are those from the Gulf States (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE).
• The results indicate that the young women age at the tourist marriage is less than 18 years old. The husband age difference in this type of marriage is very huge that can be sometimes more than 50 years old. Most of the young women are victims of unemployment and literacy, etc. The actual tourist marriage duration rages from a month and less than a year.
• Mediators play an important role in the tourist marriage for getting financial sums. Some young women do not accept that type of marriage, however they were forced to accept that marriage or leave the family house.
• The main reasons behind the tourist marriage are related to economically helping the families and avoid poverty, solving and avoiding the problems of family ill-treatment and contributing to provide job opportunities to their siblings inside or outside Egypt.
• The father obtains several advantages out of the tourist marriage such as the dowry which is paid by the husband and ranges from L.E. 3-10 thousand or more, while the young woman obtain gold presents (marriage presents) valued from L.E. 10-40 thousand besides clothes and other presents for her family.
• The results of the tourist marriage include the non-acknowledgment of the related divorce period or others, thus, the young women can marry more than once in a short period without being divorced from their first husbands. This leads to problems related to the children’s rights.
• Most of those working as prostitutes were attracted to the activity by temptation, tricks, deception or compulsion.
• About 80% of the interviewees are working for others in the profession of prostitution in Egypt.
• A prostitute does not have the will to refuse the customer’s demands.

In the Light of the Early-Mentioned Findings, the Research Recommendations are as Follows

• Facing poverty, unemployment and limited opportunities as the main effective factors of the different problems of human trafficking.
• Supporting the poor marginalized families because of their effective role in producing victims can be trafficked.
• The religious, educational and media institutions can play a more effective role by clarifying the family’s role in right social upbringing.
• The media institution should perform its role to curb the human trafficking problems and face the culture supporting these problems.
• Reconsidering the Egyptian labor law no. 12 of 2003 and abolish the exception included in the fourth article that exclude the maids from the law protection.
• Reconsidering the criminal anti-prostitution Act no. 10 0f 1961 in order to face the anti-human trafficking crimes.
• Hard sentences should be issued for those involved in the tourist marriage to become a model for others who will be indulged in the tourist marriage in order to avoid the sex exploitation of the Egyptian women and protect the reputation.
• Devising an overall strategy to face that phenomenon which has educational, cultural, media, social and economic dichotomies.
• Inclusion of an awareness school subject or a university course to familiarize young women of the dangers of diseases resulting from illegal sex relationship such as Aids and others.
• Intensifying the sudden police campaigns on the suspected places and arrest prostitutes and bring them to justice to curb he spread f this phenomenon in the future.